R & D:

Univeg's research and development wing pushes the boundaries of science and believes, that is the only way to produce better products and maintain a significant market presence. At the centre of its focused efforts is the core aim of adding value to the Indian farmer by developing products defined by superior traits and better genetics. The company has established a strong R&D facility powered with the latest infrastructure and qualified professionals.

For Univeg, every product is a new journey that opens up new horizons and sows the seeds for something better. The company's research objectives are inclined towards developing products that set new standards in the industry in terms of quality, taste, flavor, uniformity and nutrition values, apart from high yield.

To achieve this, Univeg has established strong research collaborations with leading national research institutes for the purpose of developing new traits and innovative varieties. This apart, Univeg is an eco-friendly company with strong systems and protocols that facilitate in usage of lower amounts of chemicals and adapt to the environment in a better way.


Every year, our seed consultants evaluate hundreds of trials all over the Eastern United States and Canada, to determine the viability of new products. If there's a variety out there that might meet your needs, then we put it through our three-phase trial program in your region before we introduce it. This rigorous product development system ensures that when you have questions, we have trustworthy answers. Siegers Seed Company serves commercial growers in the Midwest, Northeastern, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States, as well as in Canada. Our company headquarters is located in Southwest Michigan, and satellite offices are located in central Florida and Canada. Today, in the 21st century, Siegers Seed Company continues with a long tradition of providing honest, dependable service that is based on Christian family values. With almost one hundred years of experience behind us, you can trust us to help you with your vegetable seed needs!